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Oldest Minotaurs


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  • Alcal
  • 34Y 3M
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  • Tyk
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  • Sumendar
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  • Luca
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  • Kayen
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  • Leizhao
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  • Jaqiwar
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Minotaurs are a race of bullheaded, ogresized humanoids both strong and durable. Their origins are clouded in mystery. Some scholars claim that minotaurs were ogrish shamans that revered highly the bull god and were given the shape of minotaur as a gift. Whatever the cause they are all worshippers of the bull god and quite a power to reckon in physical battle. The horns of a minotaur are not just a decoration but an effective weapon that comes with the package. Most minotaurs are quite skilled in the art of physical warfare but they don't trust magic or practitioners thereof. Minotaur refuse to use any headgear, being proud of their horns.

Did you know that...

  • Their raceguild is The Order of the Raging Bull.
  • Their lifespan is rather short.
  • They have good natural armour.
  • They regenerate damage slowly.
  • They regenerate magic points slowly.
  • They are superior beings and therefore need more experience points.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They are sensitive to their surroundings.
  • They have average vision.


  • Kayen leads the Minotaur race
  • They represent 6.9% of all players
  • 10 Minotaurs online today
  • 31 Minotaurs online in last 30 days