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Thrikhrens are a race of very intelligent largish insectoids. They are often referred as Mantis' warriors but this is a mistake. Thrikhrens are inferior to humans in terms of strength and endurance, but when it comes to their major area of specialty, the mind, they are excellent in both mental control and discipline of magic. Some of the most proficient mages and psions are thrikhrens. But this doesn't mean that a thrikhren is totally helpless when it comes to physical combat; their chitinious shells and sharp claws allow them some fighting capabilities. In adventuring life thrikhrens are valued and accepted members of many parties, it's not even uncommon that they are at high position in the party.

Did you know that...

  • Their raceguild is The Mantis Warriors.
  • Their lifespan is rather short.
  • They have good natural armour.
  • They regenerate damage very slowly.
  • They regenerate magic points very fast.
  • They are superior beings and therefore need more experience points.
  • They are allergic to water.
  • They can see in the dark.
  • They have a faster than normal heart beat.
  • They can detect magic on things.
  • They have average vision.


  • Balroc leads the Thrikhren race
  • They represent 2.3% of all players
  • 11 Thrikhrens online today
  • 17 Thrikhrens online in last 30 days